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Dungeons of Dredmor - Progress Update, Interview

by Dhruin, 2011-07-29 00:57:00

Gaslamp has an update on Dredmor with a bit of background and a list of items they have fixed. The list is a bit long, so head over to read it,  but here's the first paragraph of the post:

We’re still grinding away on the next patch; this is slightly complicated by the fact that I am moving on Sunday, so my apartment furniture consists of nothing but my desk, chair, and a never-ending sea of boxes. There are two practical sides to this, however. The first is that I will be in the same city as David, which can only increase The Madness. Gaslamp will have shared offices again! David may yet drink decent coffee, if I have anything to do with it! And so forth. The second consequence is that I was originally slated to begin a Ph.D in Computer Science as of September; this has now been pushed back to January 2012 so we can wrestle the madness a little bit more, and ensure that Gaslamp is well set up to work on the next thing. (Who knows if I make it there in January, either. At the rate things are going, all bets are off. Dredmor may have spelled the end of my academic career… or not. Who knows. It worked for Jeff Vogel…)

They have also been interviewed at GameCareerGuide with an emphasis on the studio and development rather than the game itself. Here's the opening question:

Tell us about the founding members of Gaslamp studios.

Nicholas Vining: Gaslamp has three founders: David Baumgart, Dan Jacobsen, and myself. I'm the Lead Programmer slash Technical Director, which means I'm responsible for doing most of the day-to-day programming work on Dredmor, as well as setting the overall technical direction that we move in as a studio. Most of the code in Dredmor is mine.

David does anything that involves pixels, because the rest of us aren't allowed to go within forty feet of Photoshop any more. Interestingly enough, he also designed most of Dredmor's combat system.

Dan's role in the company is that of the wandering samurai - he moves from town to town, attacking the things that need attacking. On a given day, that can be anything from mild programming tasks, through to designing complex systems, all the way to running internal playtesting and sorting out the nightmare of badly written contracts that Gaslamp's employees and contractors operate under, most of which were written by disbarred lawyers from somewhere in Nevada. He picked up the nickname "Citizen Daniel", and I don't really know why. I think it's a reference to Citizen Kane. So that's the three founders.

On top of that, the capable Derek Bonner runs our servers, and Matthew Steele is responsible for all of our fabulous sound effects and music. We are extremely fortunate to have recently taken on Chris Dykstra as our director of business development; together with Citizen Daniel, they form the business acumen department, and are collectively responsible for hustling deals, nailing down distribution, and hopefully making us all fabulously wealthy.

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