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E.Y.E. - Review @ FiringSquad

by Dhruin, 2011-08-01 23:18:08

It's become apparent E.Y.E. is a little more MP shooter and a little less RPG but since we've covered it for so long, we might as well throw in a review. FiringSquad has the first critique we've seen and their score is a healthy 80%, although the price and the indie developer seem to have impacted that. A sample on the gameplay:

It’s a good thing there are so many ways to play, too, as the entire game basically boils down to killing a lot of enemy AI in huge, open environments. There are some basic objectives for eliminating specific enemies, placing, finding, hacking, or destroying items, investigating areas, and the like, but they’re really just excuses to explore the map and seek conflict. Whenever you leave the safety of the hub or home base within each map, you can basically fight a never-ending force of human, monster, and robot enemies, as they will continuously respawn all over the map in set intervals. This can make things rather hectic, especially if you’re going at it solo... I remember one mission in particular where it was a constant struggle to survive, let alone progress and complete objectives, even though I was using the .50-cal sniper rifle that usually kills in one shot. If you get caught out in the open by shock troopers with miniguns and/or a flying gunship with battle turrets, your only option is to run for cover because getting hit that much will prevent you from being able to return fire with any kind of accuracy.

In other E.Y.E. news, the official site apologises for bugs and says they are working on fixes:

We are thankful to the players who bought E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy for their multiple feedbacks, either for the bug reports or for gameplay suggestions. We are considering all of them, and we are currently working to fix all the issues and bugs you have encountered so far.

We want to apologize for the bugs currently afflicting the game. We thought we had beta-tested the game well, but it turns out we were wrong. We're going to do everything we can to fix all the bugs as fast as possible.

To give you 3 examples of major changes that we are going to make: we have noticed the real end is way too hard to get, we're going to change that because several players found it too frustrating. We're also going to change the Resurector system that often breaks the gaming experience in its current version. Also, the NPCs will have their vision angle decreased to encourage stealth, which is currently too difficult.

We'd like to thank you for your patience.

The Streum On Studio's team.

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