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E.Y.E. - Review @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2011-08-06 10:20:20

IGN reviews E.Y.E., with a score of 5/10:

Once you're kind of up to speed, jumping into the campaign missions and putting all the nifty cybernetic and magical powers to use is the reason to play E.Y.E., but this too became disappointing as I slowly realized the levels aren't all that fun. The enemy A.I. all but sprint straight at you once they've seen you, and appear to possess an omniscience that allows them to instantly turn and shoot at you once you're exposed or detected. Stealth or brute force never seems like a viable option with the character I hodge-podged together—before knowing anything about how a certain build or skill might be superior to another—which left me to witness every skirmish descend into the same, repetitive long-range gun battle against enemies who always magically knew where I was. Maybe with enough time to learn the ins-and-outs of proper builds and where to allocate my hard earned experience and money, I could craft the ideal character to make a more satisfying play through, but E.Y.E. just isn't entertaining enough to warrant the effort or revisiting.

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