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Dragon Commander - First news from GamesCom

by Myrthos, 2011-08-18 14:09:34

The following non-English sites have reported about Larian's recently announced Dragon Commmander.

4 Players (German):

What the complete package will provide can currently not be said as the game is still far away from production and many items still await their implementation. The release will take place sometime next year, a publishing partner Larian does not have - the game from which they had long dreamed of will be self-financed.
What is shown definitely makes you want more, even the Steampunk style works very well. The level of detail of the landscapes in the early demo, according to the developers, was still significantly below what will actually be possible, but overall quite pleasing. Quite spectacular was the battle when two fleets clashed and the anti-aircraft batteries of all units were firing from all turrets. (Translation by me).

Barre de Vie (French):

The great surprise of the day. [...] Dragon Commander plays out in successive stages: first, a role-playing phase during which the story develops inside the aerial base of the player; then a strategic phase, which plays like a Risk-like board game enhanced with Magic The Gathering cards; and finally, a real-time combat phase where the player controls a dragon equipped with a jetpack. [...] It works really well: aerial battles feature tons of units, shots are fired all around you, yet the action remains clear and your units easily manageable. (Translation by Larian Studios).

Mondes Persistants (French):

We met developers really passionate about their game, and what a game! A true gem, full of ideas! [...] The graphics and visual effects are beautiful. [...] As a dragon, you can give orders to your units, choosing to lead frontal attacks or sneakily attack your enemies from behind. [...] Add to all this an expertly crafted sense of humour, a hot skeleton princess and a 4-player multiplayer mode, and you get a game to really look forward to. (Translation by Larian Studios).

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