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JA: Back in Action - Interview @ Gaming Nexus

by Dhruin, 2011-08-18 23:15:08

Elmar Grunenberg, the Head of Development for bitComposer Games, has been interviewed at Gaming Nexus about Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.

The “Plan and Go” Combat system we saw at E3 was really impressive, could you talk about how you came up with the concept? How many permutations of the interface did you go through before landing on the final one?

We’re actually still making tweaks as we go. The E3 build was great, but we’re able to keep refining it as we go. As far as coming up with the concept, it was mostly to modernize the game – which has offended some of the fans, but when they actually get their hands on the final product, we’re pretty sure they’ll appreciate Plan & Go.

Were there things that you couldn’t bring over? To help set expectations with fans of the original, what’s the biggest thing that was in the original that’s not in the upcoming game?

It’s unfortunate, but we couldn’t bring in the original voice acting. We will have all theall the comedic dialog that the original had, but we had to find all new voice actors to re-act the whole thing. There was just no feasible way to track down the people who did the original work.

Source: Blues News

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