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Torchlight II - GamesCom Previews @ Eurogamer, IGN

by Dhruin, 2011-08-18 23:39:56

Here are a couple of GamesCom previews for Torchlight 2.

From Eurogamer:

Torchlight 2's major addition - and the one that elevates the game from being a straight loot-'em-up to a more fully-fledged action RPG experience - is the addition of an overworld. An expansive waste, the new continent of Vilderan lends the game a sense of scale that was previously absent, and does away with much of the claustrophobia that defined the original.

Despite that, it's as colourful as ever, and a descent into one of its randomly-generated dungeons reveals that its hypnotic metronome of combat is still there. Enemies are numerous and more varied, and they're more dynamic in their behaviour; skeletons now come pouring in through wells, and corpses impaled on walls spring to life to get involved in the boisterous action. Naturally there are bosses too, and in true sequel tradition, there are more of them and they're more impressive in size.


Taking on all the side quests and tacking the main content will likely take quite a while. Once you're done, it's possible to loop back through the content from the beginning with a heightened degree of difficulty and more powerful item rewards. As strong as your characters may become during this process, Runic is confident Torchlight II will remain much more balanced than the original thanks to much more extensive testing this time around. No public beta is scheduled before the release date of sometime this fall.

...and screens at Worthplaying.

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