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Dragon Commander - GamesCom Previews #2

by Myrthos, 2011-08-19 23:28:30

Here is a list of Gamescom previews for Dragon Commander:

  • GameInfusion (German)
    What to expect from a dragon with a jetpack. The concept alone is already completely over the top, but it is done in an aweseome way. Still Dragon Commander has much more to offer, which is a very good designed game principle that promises quite a bit of fun. Friends of both strategy and roleplaying games should keep their eyes on this game.
  • GameCity (German)
    The looks of the game are not final yet, but I must say that the terrain already looks very good.
  • GamePro
    Dragon Commander doesn't have a release date yet -- some time in 2012 is the best guess the team can give right now. The already impressive looking demo showed at Gamescom today was built in just 4-5 weeks, though, so given a year or so to develop and refine the game further, the Belgian developer could well have a sleeper strategy hit on its hands.
  • GameInformer
    The gameplay is based around making the player feel as awesome as possible. The jetpack strapped to your back allows you to cross kilometers in the blink of an eye, or circle your prey so fast that its swiveling turrets can’t keep track of your blurred form. The rough UI I saw at my Gamescom demo had four slots for equipping special powers mapped to a 360 controller’s face buttons, with limited quantities of Imp Cannon shots (basically nukes that can one-shot anything in the game) and the dragon roar that vaporizes all smaller craft within a kilometer. The developer demonstrating the game launched the basic breath attack, a superheated plasma blast that melts steel, nonstop as he tore apart enemy fleets.
  • BitGamer
    What strikes me though isn't that the game has the potential to be awesome when it's done, but that it looks fantastic already. The graphics, while not stellar, are certainly on the better side of good and the scale of battles is astonishing; dragons surrounded by hundreds of smaller units that sling lasers, crossbow bolts and bullets with startling abandon. We were given a glimpse of a night mission and the sky is lit up like a decade of bonfire nights – a jetpacking dragon in the centre, using his rockets to dodge attacks and charge after gunships.

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