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Divine Divinity - Review @ Huff Post

by Dhruin, 2011-08-26 00:21:31

The Huffington Post has a review of Divine Divinity nearly 10 years late. Describing it as "some of the greatest role-playing games" the author has ever played, here's a snip:

But the main appeal of this game is that the world it takes place in simply feels alive. Not only is it large, there is so much going on in it, too, and Divinity does an excellent job of creating one hell of an immersive atmosphere that you can almost feel like a part of. One of the ways the game accomplishes this is by sprinkling little events throughout the game world. For example, in the middle of one of the forests there is a series of gold coins laid out in a "trail" that leads off the main path; if you choose to follow the trail of gold, you'll eventually end up into a clearing where a large group of orcs will ambush (and likely kill) you. Another example -- there is a random human army outpost in the middle of the woods that seems friendly enough -- that is, until you enter. Once you enter, a mage from the Black Ring cult (your chief antagonists in the game) magically appears and casts a mind control spell on everyone, turning them all against you. Little things like this really serve to immerse you in the instability and danger that permeates the land. Immersion and narrative are the chief things I value in a video game, and Divinity delivers in spades.

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