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Frayed Knights - A Whole Lotta Maps

by Dhruin, 2011-08-26 00:56:02

Jay Barnson has a Frayed Knights update showing the maps of the six outdoor areas (at a small resolution so you won't make out any real detail) and a few other details:

People keep asking: When is the game going to be released? I don’t mean to tease folks with details from a game that looks complete, but never quite deliver. The experience is 10x more frustrating on this end. There are still a few dozen high-priority issues with the game that need to be addressed one way or another, in addition to some more polishing and fine tuning. And the demo has to be finished (which will resemble the pilot). And I still need to finish the manual, the strategy guide, and a bunch of biz / marketing / website stuff.

So that’s a lotta stuff needs to happen, and I can’t nail down when all of these things are gonna come together. But I suspect we’re talking weeks, not days or months at this point.

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