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Dragon Commander - Behind the Scenes at Gamescom

by Dhruin, 2011-08-27 00:21:49

Larian has released a behind-the-scenes video dev diary from Gamescom, along with this humorous press release to promote it:

Larian Studios releases behind the scenes Gamescom footage

Gent , August 26, 2011 - Since the Larian Studios booth at Gamescom 2011 wasn't accessible to the public, we decided to release some behind the scenes footage showing how our team experienced the show and what we were actually doing there.

If you're interested in some developer camcorder reality TV, or better yet, why we'll never be fashion idols, then check out our GamesCom 2011 video diary.The entire diary, consisting of four parts, can be found at:


Discover how nervous we get when the press comes by, witness what secret tools we use to beat million dollar marketing budgets and hear for yourself exactly why dragons with jetpacks are the next big thing to come from a country that has no government but probably does have the best beer in the world!

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