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Legend of Grimrock - Status Update

by Dhruin, 2011-08-27 00:38:31

Looks like the rest of the internet has noticed Grimrock with Minecraft's Noch posting about it and bringing down their server. They're back up and here's a short status update:

Here’s a small status update of what has happened after the video release and what we are going to do next:
+ it’s harder to interrupt monster’s attack sequence by hitting them (done)
+ monsters do nasty counter attacks if you keep doing the forward, hit, backward routine too much (done)
+ improved monster death effect (done)
+ super secret new monster (done)

+ improve missile logistics – we know picking up ammo from the floor after every combat gets really tiresome fast
+ prettier mouse cursor
+ and of course more levels, items, monsters, puzzles, spells and other goodies

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