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Dead Island - Early Reviews

by Dhruin, 2011-09-05 11:01:52

We recently ran a Dead Island newsbit after a reader sent it in but we didn't add it to the database. Now that early reviews are in and they all call the game an action/RPG, it's time to cover it. In fact, most of these articles call it "Fallout 3 with zombies", so while I wouldn't expect RPG nirvana, it might be worth a look if you'd like an action zombie game with decent RPG flavourings. Each review points out rough edges but the overall vibe is positive.

From IGN, who scored 8/10:

Dead Island is Fallout 3 with zombies. Plenty of people are going to compare it to Dead Rising (as you can create weapons) and Left 4 Dead (as the action is first-person and good for four players online), but when I finally got past the game's obtuse opening and less than stellar cutscenes, I found a world rife with quests, interesting environments, and a character progression system that had me begging for more hours in the day. In short, Dead Island's a rough around the edges role-playing game, and I dug it.

They also have a video review here (thanks Melvil).

Eurogamer is only 6/10 but there is still light at the end of the tunnel:

Now that we've established that Dead Island is a ramshackle B-movie rather than a streamlined blockbuster, let's clear up another misconception. This is not just a horror action game with occasional RPG bits glued on. It's a full-on openworld horror role-playing game, complete with crafting, side quests and skill trees. In fact, I'll put money on the fact that the conversation at developer Techland's Warsaw HQ started with the question, "What would happen if Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead went on a holiday to the Far Cry island?" That, in a blood-stained disembowelled nutshell, is Dead Island.

TeamXbox, with 9/10:

The comparison has been made many times before, and will continue to be made as well, but it works because it fits. Dead Island is Fallout 3 with Zombies. Dead Island is not Left4Dead, nor is it Dead Rising. If you are expecting the experience of either of those two games while playing Dead Island, you will be setting yourself up for disappointment, and will only have yourself to blame. This is an action-RPG with zombies in it. There is a surprising amount of depth to the character customization and even to the abilities of the different characters. More on that later though; let’s get into a discussion of what went right, what went wrong, and everything in between.

X360 Achievements, with 84%:

Dead Island is a huge game and assuming you take the time to complete all of the side missions you will be looking at 30-40 hours to get everything done, even in a team. Such a grand undertaking might be a touch too repetitive for solo play, but this game was designed for co-op and thankfully thrives on it. The story may be hokum, but the experience of being trapped on an island with only the bare minimum in terms of supplies is one that sells itself. You will probably spend as much time hightailing it away from zombies as you do fighting them, but even a great escape can be an adrenaline-pounding thing of beauty. The only issues really are the graphics and mission-related glitches, which are more intrusive than they should be and hold the game back from true greatness. So, pick up a posse, immerse yourself in Banoi and don’t forget the sunscreen... Although perhaps a machete would be a better option.

Thanks to VG247 for some of these.

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