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Soldak Entertainment - Space Game Interview @ Space Game Junkie

by Dhruin, 2011-09-08 00:17:06

Steven Peeler from Soldak has been interviewed at Space Game Junkie about the as-yet unnamed space action/RPG they have in development. Steven reveals the game is a fair way along and they hope to release in Q1 '12 but here's a clip on the "character":

Brian: Now, let’s talk about the main character in the game, our ship. First off, apparently there will be several different ship classes — escort, frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battleship, flagship — but will there be different ship variations within these classes, or will these just be generic classes that we customize through crew and equipment?

Steven: For the most part a new ship gives you access to more component slots. Most of the customization is going to be crew and equipment. Do you want to focus on weapons like Ion Cannons and Plasma Torpedoes or defenses like Deflectors, Titanium Armor, or Point Defense? Do you want to just use brute force with your Ion Cannons or do you want to immobilize the enemy with Tractor Beams? Do you want to use automatic defenses like Point Defense or active counter measures like Chaff? When you have one slot left, do you add in another beam weapon for some more offense or add in a secondary engine so if the first is destroyed you can still flee with some useful amount of speed? I’m hoping that everyone will design completely unique ships.

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