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Two Worlds II - v1.3 Patch Press Release

by Dhruin, 2011-09-09 00:43:58

We've already highlighted the Two Worlds II 1.3 patch but today we received the official press release, which points out some of the key improvements:

TopWare Introduces New Features& Upgrades for Two Worlds II in Upcoming Patch

Patch 1.3 includes improved game functionality, additional mechanics, and 3D technology support

Karlsruhe September 8th, 2011 – TopWare Interactive announced today the inclusion of a number of new features and upgraded functionality included in patch 1.3 for Two Worlds II.  During the development of the upcoming expansion, Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress, Polish developer Reality Pump was able to make substantial upgrades to key game mechanics such as enemy A.I. (including diversified combat behaviors and improved pathfinding), character animations when interacting with elements of the environment, a new “auto-sail” feature for easier travel, and scalable interface options for all platforms.

Additionally PC and Xbox 360™players can look forward to an entirely new experience with the introduction of a stereoscopic 3D presentation option, made possible by advancements in Reality Pump’s proprietary GRACE game engine.  Working side-by-side with leading 3D hardware manufacturers, Reality Pump is bringing the world of Antaloor to life like never before!

Best of all, owners of the original Two Worlds II will not be required to purchase the expansion to enjoy all the benefits of the patch!

Additional changes and patch-logs can be found by following the link below and going to Support - Downloads

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