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Legends of Dawn - Teaser Trailer

by Dhruin, 2011-09-11 01:03:45

Bluesnews points out a teaser trailer for Legends of Dawn, an "action & adventure RPG" I can't recall seeing previously from Dreamatrix (Spaceforce Rogue Universe). The ~40 second video is half logo and half CGI (?), so don't expect too much. Looking at the official site doesn't reveal much because despite quite a bit of descriptive text, there's almost no detail on the basic gameplay although it it described as having no loading screens and "players are free to move in this non linear world, in any direction they choose".

Looking around the 'net, it appears to be have been announced back in 2008 by Croation developer Provox, according to IGN, who have presumably since been acquired by Dreamatrix.

Source: Blues News

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Legends of Dawn

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