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Legends of Dawn - More Details, Trilogy Planned

by Dhruin, 2011-09-12 22:52:07

GameBanshee followed up with Dreamatrix about Legends of Dawn for more information after the release of last week's teaser trailer. Here's a snip from the response they received:

There will be top-down perspective camera in the game. It can be freely rotated around the main hero and you can zoom in and out. This is not a pure hack'n slash game, but [it has] a lot of similar elements. At this moment, we cannot afford an expensive production and fancy advertising, but the ideas within our work already distinguishes it from others significantly.

We are open and willing to try and include new ideas. We invite your readers to join our forum to present and discuss their ideas and whatever they would like to see us include in the game. Legends Of Dawn will be a trilogy, the next two sequels are already in the works and it would be exciting to see some suggestions included in them to an extent.

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