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Dead Island - The Game We All Wanted to Play That Never Existed

by Dhruin, 2011-09-15 00:28:17

Remember that haunting Dead Island trailer from months back? GameFront writes about the lost opportunity with Dead Island not actually being the game from the trailer:

I’ve had numerous discussions with people about Dead Island, in real life, on Twitter and in the comments on my mixed review of the game. Some people love it. Some find it a waste of money. But I think we can all agree that whatever it was that captured our imaginations in that trailer is not what Dead Island is. Long ago, Techland even admitted that the family from the trailer didn’t appear in the game, although the parents have a weak, nonsensical cameo in the final game (you can find them dead, almost holding hands as if they froze to death together on the Titanic, in their hotel room right at the beginning).

But the disparity between the Dead Island trailer and the story it told, and the game as shipped, highlights a colossal missed opportunity as well as, in my mind, a voracious appetite among gamers that simply is not being sated. The Dead Island trailer wasn’t even presenting us with gameplay — only with the promise of a harrowing experience and a (zombie) horror story that wouldn’t pull any punches and didn’t go for camp.

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