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Dragon Commander - Small Status Update

by Dhruin, 2011-09-15 23:15:40

Lar has kicked up a small status update for Dragon Commander:

I have this madman running around who forces me to regularly update our facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/dragoncommander) so I figured I might copy/paste what we're writing over there in the forum too - here goes:

Post 1

Some really big decisions were made yesterday about the rpg & strategy gameplay - we locked down the character diamonds of the princesses , what political factions there will be & what hidden agendas will be at play. One thing is sure, you'll need to make a lot of executive decisions while on board of the Raven. To tickle your imagination - here are some of the links we looked at during our research:


And this in a game about dragons !!! \:\)

Post 2

Oh, and our first cover of a magazine for Dragon Commander is going into print tomorrow \:\)

Post 3

And as the last tidbit of news for today - we'll be on TV tonight (in prime-time i.e. 20:15) on the popular French TV-show, "tout s'explique"
http://www.rtltvi.be/emission/tout-s-explique/7.aspx . They filmed at our offices a couple of months ago when we were still busy preparing for GameCom, and Dragon Commander still looked like a game from the nineties.

Cheers !

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