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Winterheart's Guild: Interview @ Frags.com.ar

by Dhruin, 2006-09-04 23:44:00
You may recall we discovered Winterheart's Guild last year - an action/RPG based on the Finnish metal band, Sonata Arctica. A site called Frags.com.ar now has an <a href="http://www.frags.com.ar/foro/showthread.php?t=9678" target="_blank">interview</a> with Zelian games on the project:<blockquote><em><b>What can you tell us about the gameplay?</b><br><br><br>MG: We hope to draw from various genres and blend it into a unique experience. The gameplay leans toward action (sometimes quite bloody and frantic), with RPG elements that spice up the fun factor. We want enough action to make the game fun, and enough RPG to give the game depth. In terms of actual gameplay, we have several corner-stones that come together in the final experience: Combat (action), Travel (exploration), Trade (loot, buy/sell, trade), Conversation (info, receive items, other game state effects) and Character Management. All these things take place in a very physical world a  we are using Ageia PhysX (with hardware support) to bring the world physically to life. Dona "!t have the key to open the wooden door? Just bash it in if you have the right weapon and enough strengtha </em></blockquote>
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