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Frayed Knights - RPGCodex Extravagant Preview

by Skavenhorde, 2011-09-24 03:16:01

Ventilator of Doom from RPGCodex has posted a myriad of information about Frayed Knights. He's written a quick overview of the game, a mini-let's play and a small interview with Jay Barnson.

VOD's preview is more like a first impression of the game due to only having 3 hours under his belt with the game. He still covers a good portion of what is in the game.

His mini-let's play shows off the combat portion to the game. The battle shown is with some goblin shamans from an early dungeon in the game. By this time you haven't had much time to customize your characters. In the middle to later portions of the game you'll have many more combat options available, but it is still a very good look at how the game works.

Here is a snippet from the interview portion of the preview. Those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for news about when it will be released will be very interested in it:

VoD: The game is obviously nearing its release, what are the current plans for the final release date? Will there be a demo?

JB: If we're lucky, we release Wednesday. There will be a demo. Those who remember the old "pilot episode" will find it familiar. Those who remember the pilot extremely well will find a lot that is unfamiliar.

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