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RPGWatch Feature - Frayed Knights Review

by Dhruin, 2011-09-28 07:44:03

Rampant Games' humorous old-school RPG Frayed Knights is a unique mix of ingredients and two of our staff have been playing all through the beta to bring you this early review. Freshly released, read the whole article for views from Corwin and Skavenhorde. Here's a sample:

This is probably a good place to address the issue of magic in the game. There are four somewhat different types; three of the Priestly persuasion and one arcane. A character may only learn one of the cleric schools, but could if they so choose also learn the arcane line as well. The first thing you notice about all the various types is that they have delightfully different spell names ranging from Hellacious Angry Flowers to Power Word Defenestrate (a personal favourite of mine with an excellent animation). Half the fun is reading the spell descriptions and watching some of the animations. The arcane are predominantly attacking spells while the priestly are more buffing, healing with only limited attack possibilities. I tried only 2 of the cleric lines, but did develop strong feelings about them.

Read it all here.

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