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Grotesque Tactics 2 - Preview @ Platform Nation

by Dhruin, 2011-09-29 00:00:48

We haven't been following Grotesque Tactics 2 too closely but here's a hands-on preview from Platform Nation:

Quests usual feature witty banter between your character and the NPCs and for the most part consist of the usual variety of fetch quests and boss bounties found in many fantasy RPG’s. Along with these quests you will also be tasked with making a variety of foods to please the various denizens of the underground kingdom the game uses as its hub. There’s also a guild system that will have you recruiting unique companions that will help you along your quest against the Fog that is invading the land. The snide comments and banter made by your companions is what really makes the sometimes repetitive adventuring worthwhile.

Source: Blues News

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