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Dungeons of Dredmor - v1.06 Patch Notes

by Dhruin, 2011-09-29 23:02:20

Dredmor is about to graduate to v1.06 and the Gaslamp blog has the patch notes. They are too long to post in full, so here is the intro, which suggests new distribution options are coming soon:

… I swear, when I started working on Dredmor I had more hair on the top of my head. Time to go get the razor.

In happier, hairier news: Patch 1.0.6 is coming down the hopper. Our entire motivation for Patch 1.0.6 is to ensure that, when we release the Linux version, we can simultaneously release Windows and OS X versions that have the same set of gameplay changes and new items… so patch 1.0.6 is not as large as patch 1.0.5. It is also not as large as 1.0.5 because, well, we’ve mainly been working on the Linux port and new distribution stuff. We hope to have a *huge* slate of announcements within the next week or so about where you will be able to buy Dredmor; Chris Dykstra, our Director of Business Developmentation, has been working the phones so that we can distribute for you so hard, so bad, so smooth, that you’re never going to want to buy games from anybody else, ever again.

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