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Age of Decadence - October Update

by Dhruin, 2011-10-03 21:32:51

Oscar has posted the October update for The Age of Decadence, offering the changelog from their beta process. It's a bit long for this format, so head over to read all the changes but here is the "improvements" section:

- Improvements to the character screen looks, plus now has descriptions for all stats and reputations.
- Now you get a description overhead text when you are near an important location.
- When you enter an important building for the first time, you get a description of it.
- Camera can zoom closer and tilt a little more.
- Made walking and running speed faster.
- New shadow distance algorithm, with sharper shadows at no performance loss, plus better performance at tilts higher than 45º and it's more fexibile, allowing other camera angles without graphical artifacts.
- Added a new model for Feng's house, making it stand out more.
- Improved the looks of the area around Feng's house and the inn.
- Made it clearer in the loremaster vignette that a night passes.
- Made better transitions in TG1.
- Expanded the loremaster vignette, adding the option to buy an artifact of the olden days.
- Added the option to go to Feng in Assassin Vignette.
- Added an extra conversation with Feng about guilds if you are his apprentice.
- Improved the look of the terrain in the Plaza.
- Added some ambient sounds (thanks to GhanBuriGhan). More to be added.
- Added a storyteller at the inn, who fleshes out the lore of the game.
- Configured HDR and SSAO. Enable and disable them using these commands in the console: SSAOPostFX.enable(); SSAOPostFX.disable(); HDRPostFX.enable(); HDRPostFX.disable();
- Added some extra sounds. Will add more later.
- New Intimidate checks: They include checks to body count, combat reputation and stats like strength, dexterity and constitution.

A couple of screens are also on offer.

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