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Avadon - Review @ TPG

by Dhruin, 2011-10-04 23:55:46

Avadon has been reviewed at TruePCGaming, where the response was quite favourable:

The quests in Avadon are both numerous and  filled with story. You can converse with your quest giver to try weasel out as much information as possible. You start of by accepting a quest to go and clear out Avadon’s dungeons after the shortage of fighters. You can also choose one of two companions to bring along: a sorceress or a warrior. As I was playing warrior, I chose a sorceress companion. You can control this companion’s actions during fighting and control it almost like your own character by picking up items and placing stats. After clearing the dungeon, you are sent to help a dragon. You have to clear his lair and surrounding zone of creatures called wretches. You can also pick up side quests from other people around the area. After completing that quest, you go back to Avadon and you are immediately sent out again to hunt a mysterious beast who is attacking citizens of the Kva lands. After this lengthy quest, you get sent on many others, all with multiple side quests you can pick up. Eventually you arrive at the great question, kill the leader of Avadon and take his place or help him struggle onwards. Other aspects of the game also depend on your actions later in the game.

In semi-related news, Jeff has a new blog entry titled Why All Our Games Are Now Cheaper Forever:

We released our first game in January, 1995. That is a long time ago, and much has changed. A few helpful comparisons.

Now: Huge distributors like Steam and iTunes sell massive numbers of copies for low prices, and Indie developers make good money on huge volume.
Then: The World Wide Web barely existed and we scraped by on a handful of sales from AOL.

Now: A quality Indie niche game sells on big portals for ten bucks at most. More than that and people think you're crazy and move on.
Then: Most good shareware games sold for $25. It took me a very long time just to realize that that price isn't normal anymore.

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