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KoA: Reckoning - Preview Roundup

by Dhruin, 2011-10-05 00:29:34

Here's the first full batch of previews and videos expected on Reckoning (thanks to various posters on the 38 Studios forums for many of these).

We'll start with GameInformer, who have a massive 50 min video gameplay preview with Ian 'Tiberius' Frazier. The quality of the actual video is poor but you get to see plenty of the game.

Sticking with videos for a bit, G4TV has a series of shorter trailers:

GameSpot also has a video preview.

Some press previews:

A snip from RPGamer:

I passed through the forested areas of Dalentarth into the vast Plains of Erathell. I found the desert plains filled with bands of raiders and abandoned caravans, a huge island city with lots of merchants and quests, and beautiful areas with waterfalls that were just enjoyable to view. I was avoiding combat as often as possible, though in one of my encounters I did happen upon a piece of an armor set. It was a helmet that boosted my elemental abilities and finding the rest of the set would have added even more. A carrot that kept me looking for more pieces to complete the set.

My exploration came to an end in the Southeast corner of the map in an area called Detrye. It is a dusty, rocky region where I encountered many more beasts that I had not seen before. Without going into too much detail, it seems as if this area is meant for much later in the game than where I was in the story. During a talk with Ian Frazier, he stated that the game's main story will have players zigzagging across the map, though touching every area for at least a brief stop. Despite trying to see as much as I could, it turns out that I'd only seen less than a quarter of the world, and only small portions of those areas. There was even a whole other continent to the east that I'd not found access to yet. For anyone that likes exploring, this game will keep you busy for a long time.

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