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Two Worlds II: PotFF - Review @ TCO

by Dhruin, 2011-10-05 22:30:33

Every few days I run a search for Pirates of the Flying Fortress reviews, because the expansion seems to have sunk without trace, and finally an English one has popped up at a site called The Controller Online. The score is 4/10 and here's a quote that sets the tone:

The exploration and boat controls are about the only redeeming qualities of PotFF. The missions are all multiple-stage fetch quests, which grow tiresome quickly. Every NPC you talk to is overly sarcastic and not as funny as they think they are. Humor has a place in games like this but when everyone, and I mean everyone, is being so obviously sarcastic it gets extremely annoying. Since the story isn’t interesting and you won’t care about the characters the only thing left is the combat and looting. PotFF doesn’t add anything in these areas but killing stuff is still fun, as it was in the main campaign. In the end, the roughly ten hour adventure won’t leave you feeling like you got your $30 worth. I’ve played a number of $10 DLC adventures that had as much or more content as this.

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