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Legend of Grimrock - Weekly Update

by Dhruin, 2011-10-07 22:00:30

Von Paulus sends in the latest Grimrock update, with Almost Human talking about the end-game and various improvements:

We have been working on the end game this week and the whole thing has grown a lot bigger and cooler than we initially thought. First we had the idea that there should be a chamber with a boss fight at the end but we quickly scrapped this as it didn’t feel epic enough. We want to make the ending really memorable to you as a player and we want it to explain some aspects of the mountain and tell you some of the background lore we have. So, instead of just a big fight, the game will climax in an intense multi-level combat and puzzle solving episode with a surprise at the end. We don’t want to spoil the experience by giving too much details, but just want to say that it’s going to be awesome!

Some other highlights from this week:

+ Antti has been adding new items to the game and we have almost one hundred unique items now. I think we are still going to add some more but I think we should have almost everything we need now.

+ We have added some more dungeon levels this week but they’re not in alpha stage yet. We have placeholders for two more levels and then all the levels should be in place.

+ Projectile routines have been rewritten. The old code was inaccurate, inflexible and was in dire need of some love.

+ We had our very first high profile vip visitor at the office on Thursday. The meeting went well, except our second-hand coffee machine (yeah, we are that cheap ) didn’t co-operate with us, so the first batch of coffee pretty much vaporized into thin air somehow – we are a bit lost what exactly happened (believe or not, none of us are coffee drinkers). Thankfully the second batch worked out.

There's also a nice screenshot on offer.

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