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HoMM 5 - Overhaul Mod

by Dhruin, 2011-10-20 22:10:11

Wynams also points out this project to overhaul HoMM V - and in particular, the AI. I'm not clear what the project is called but you can find the details at Eternal Essence, which is an original TBS strategy project the team is also working on. Here's the overview:

The primary goal of this project is to reimagine Heroes V and to create a strategy game that comes close to the vision its fans have. This includes the AI, new refined adaptable gameplay rules and enhancements to the original game, an advanced modding interface, better tools and a new campaign.

Heroes V can be much more than just the little brother of Heroes VI. It can be an independently evolving strategy game that is driven by a community and emerges as the premier modding destination for this genre. It is a unique project in the industry, for a community to take the reigns of a mature strategy title and to create a blueprint for a more advanced game.

It is also meant to excel in a number of ways and to provide an incentive to the developers of Heroes VI to create a game and add-ons that are more ambitious than what Heroes V has achieved. 

You can grab build 3.1 from this page.

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