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Fallout: New Vegas - The Best Mods @ LazyAssGamer

by Dhruin, 2011-10-21 22:13:37

The LazyAssGamer sent us a submission but there was no link, so I'm going to assume it was their three-part series on Fallout: New Vegas mods - for example:


This mods main features are a change to the world to make it seem harsher and, my particular favorite part of this mod, makes the night MUCH darker and almost stops night travel unless you take the correct perks or find some other way to see. I suggest downloading the optional fix for the friend of the night perk included with this mod or the perk will be basically useless, activate it after the main part. If you wish to use the dlc addons activate them after the main part and place them after it in the list. If using this with Nevada Skies activate this after Nevada Skies and place it after NS in the list.

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