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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Review @ AtomicGamer

by Dhruin, 2011-10-21 22:20:44

AtomicGamer doesn't think The Missing Link is great value, given the $15 price tag but the score is still reasonable at 7/10:

I have had a ton of fun with the DLC for Borderlands and the Bethesda-published Fallout games, and I consider the value of these $10 packs to be the current gold standard for video game DLC. It's not just that they don't feel like they were "held back" in the original game to be sold separately (and The Missing Link is not guilty of that either), but it's that ten bucks gets you six to ten hours of fun, and then you can take the things you earned back into the original game. It probably helps that those games have more of an open-world design and Human Revolution does not, but I can't help but be disappointed that The Missing Link does not connect to the original game except with a few "oh, that's mildly interesting"-type plot points. For a DLC pack that only works in a stand-alone fashion and costs a rather hefty $15 for a few hours of adventure, I think Square Enix and Eidos Montreal are pushing it just a tad too far, and they're going to lose at least a few sales as a result. I can recommend that you pick up The Missing Link if you really, really want to spend more time with Adam Jensen, but know that it's not a particularly good DLC add-on - especially for fifteen bucks.

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