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Legend of Grimrock - Weekly Update

by Dhruin, 2011-10-22 12:50:40

As usual, Von Paulus has been watching the Grimrock site and sends news of the latest update. There's a rather nice screen of Goromorg Temple and a list of the latest works. Here's a partial snip:

Another week and another update (despite the fact that we forgot to do one last week, oops)! The game is really starting to feel like a complete game, we are this close on having a game that you could install and then play all the way through! And the whole thing would feel pretty much like a real, complete game as well, instead of some strange unfinished prototype. I think next week is the week we can proudly call it alpha. But the real work is about to start: after alpha we can start concentrating on improving all the aspects of the game and put in some extra polish and implement all sorts of new fun little things! More spells, skills, monster special attacks, some new monster variants, level and puzzle improvements but, most important of all, a lot of testing and balancing!

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