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Knights of the Chalice - Review @ DIYGamer

by Aries100, 2011-10-26 18:37:23

DIYGamer has penned a review for this game. The title is Everything old is new again. The reason for this can be seen in the review found here:

Knights of the Chalice is a truly old-school RPG. Plot and characterization get pushed aside in favor of assembling a party of heroes (4, in this case, with no NPCs to recruit, or replacements to draft) of your own design and going on a vaguely defined quest to explore dungeons, discover evil plots, beat up evildoers in complex turn-based combat, hoard loot, an do it again and again until your four novice heroes could casually trade blows with the deities of the realm.

A snip about the combat:

KotC is a game of tactical turn-based RPG combat. Played on a grid representing five-foot spaces, positioning is key as each character can take a free swing at anyone trying to muscle past them. While the game does, effectively, only contain the rules for basic combat, arcane spellcasting and clerical miracles, it has the full rules pertaining to these three core pillars of D&D gameplay. Want to have a warrior shoulder-barge an orc out of the way, then wrestle an evil wizard to the ground in order to stop him from casting spells? Easy, so long as the dice fall in your favor, and every action does have a handy percentage chance (based on all the virtual dice involved combined) of success shown so you know the odds.

A snip from the conclusion:

For better or worse, Knights of the Chalice is a game with a clear audience in mind, and it achieves the goals it sets itself quite admirably, recreating – and in many respects improving on – the nostalgic feeling of old-school RPG adventuring. I’ll admit that aside from some interface quirks and some mild frustration, I’ve had a romping great time with this game so far and will likely go back to playing it more as soon as I’m done writing, but I find it hard to earnestly recommend it to anyone but seasoned old-school RPG fans with a little extra money to burn.

Source: GameBanshee

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