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Icewind Dale - Past, Present and Future @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2011-10-28 23:51:51

GameBanshee has a piece called Icewind Dale: The Past, Present and Future. As I write this, our editor shows me our last Icewind Dale newsbit was a retrospective at GameBanshee, so I guess someone is a fan over there. This article is mostly retrospective but then turns to the "persistent rumors" that Obsidian might revisit the IP:

It's worth considering, however, what form or shape such a product would take in the modern gaming world. Given today's technology, possibly even Obsidian's own Onyx Engine (most recently used for Dungeon Siege III), it's fair to say that Icewind Dale's stunning landscapes could be realized in even more detail and with more life than ever before. However, given recent job postings at Obsidian looking for 2D character artists with Adobe Flash familiarity, it seems even more probable that such a game could be released across multiple platforms, or even in a browser-based format. Both possibilities hold a lot of promise, especially as a Flash-based option could make for a game that's playable on everything from smartphones, to tablets, to desktop PCs, and it's ideally suited for the point-and-click gameplay that touchscreens are able to support.

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