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Ultima - Series Retrospective @ Hardcore Gaming 101

by Dhruin, 2011-11-01 22:32:38

A site called Hardcore Gaming 101 has a huge retrospective series on Ultima, starting with an overview and working through each game up to (currently) Ultima VI and the rest to come. The link above is the start and there is a list of contents at the top to take you to each game. I'm going to take a quote about Ultima IV, because of its historical importance:

Baffling and stupid as this was, it put the Ultima creator to thinking. Concluding that role-playing games, including his own, were actually about killing, gathering loot and gaining power instead of anything that resembled heroism or role-playing, he sought to try something different for his next game. Ultima IV: The Quest of the Avatar is the result, and is still a wholly unique product in computer gaming history. There are bad guys but no villains, and while there is still dungeon-crawling, it is not to acquire gold and magic items. Instead, the end goal of Ultima IV is to be a hero. 

Thanks to Ultima Aiera for the link.

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