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Risen 2 - Story Contest @ WoR

by Dhruin, 2011-11-04 20:55:14

Frozen Fireball writes in to say World of Risen has a "Cock-and-bull" story contest open for the budding writers out there:


Piranha Bytes, World of Risen and Deep Silver are looking for the greatest storyteller in Caldera!

Your story starts on the coast of an almost forgotten island – the ‘Isle of Thieves’.
The Nameless Hero has been marooned on a picturesque beach on the coast of the mysterious Isle of Thieves.

The hero’s first thought of course is “How the hell do I get off this island?” and sets off to explore the beach and surrounding area, going a little deeper into the thick jungle, when he happens upon a little talking gnome who calls himself Jaffar.

This is the point at which you can start writing your story.

Write 2 to 3 pages at a font size of Times New Roman 12 and tell us your tale of what you think may have happened next with the Nameless Hero and Jaffar on their first joint adventure.
Use these words in your text: “thief”, “jip jip” (gnomish for yes), “ship”, “trip”, “hat”, “rucksack”, “sword”, “feather”.
Of course every great adventure should end with some loot and we offer the following bootie as a reward for your efforts:
1st place: Risen 2 Collector’s Edition, Risen 2 Notebook, Risen 2 T-shirt, Risen 2 Mousepad and a Risen gnome figure
2nd & 3rd place: Risen 2 Notebook, Risen 2 T-shirt, Risen 2 Mousepad and a Risen gnome figure

To enter the competition, send us your story by the 30th November 2011 via e-mail with the subject “storycontest” to [email protected].
You can also post your story in the forum and discuss these amongst yourselves as well. The jury is made up of Deep Silver staff, World of Risen staff and members of Piranha Bytes and we will announce the winners on 19th December 2011.
You can find the terms and conditions here


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