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Lineage 2: Raising a Dragon

by Inauro, 2006-09-06 22:42:00
NCSoft has revealed some additional information (in the form of a press release) about raising a dragon in <a href="http://www.lineage2.com" target="_blank">Lineage 2</a>.<blockquote><em>Wednesday 6th September/... Dedicated and passionate adventurers in LineageA II: The Chaotic Chronicle can devote their time to a special a Upet projecta "!: the raising of a baby dragon from hatchling to adulthood. Only a few faithful caretakers will be rewarded for their perseverance and efforts, by soaring through the skies on the back of a mighty Wyvern.<br><br>Hatchlings<br><br>Baby dragons are known as Hatchlings. A Pet Manager in the town of Giran starts mid-level players on their path to begin raising the Hatchling. Once they complete a special quest, the new pet owner begins to raise the baby dragon through feeding, care, and battle experience. Owners can bestow a unique name on their new pet and use a special flute to call their Hatchling to their side.<br><br>The Hatchling has its own personality and skills depending on its type, attuned to Wind, Stars or Twilight. A Hatchling of Twilight grows up to be well-suited for speedy transportation. Those attuned to the Stars can cast magic to damage an enemy and heal themselves. Hatchlings of Wind are a hardy dragon, with skills that damage their targets and raise their own defenses.<br><br>Hatchlings gain experience by fighting alongside their masters. After the Hatchling reaches level 55, it is time for the Hatchling to enter the next stage of its life.<br><br>Striders<br><br>A Wiseman in a remote village sets the Hatching and its owner on the journey to become a Strider. Once the Hatchling evolves into a Strider, the owner must continue to feed and care for their charge. The sound of a Dragon Bugle summons the Strider to answer its mastera "!s bidding.<br><br>At this stage in the dragona "!s life, the Strider is capable of fast transportation. Adventurers can ride on the back of a Strider to quickly traverse the spacious lands of Aden and Elmore. Striders move much faster than a player on foot and their speed can save weary adventurers from certain death. Striders can also continue to fight for their master and gain their own experience through combat.<br><br>The fiercest of all warriors, the Castle Lord, can use the Strider to the full extent of its abilities and cultivate it into a mighty Wyvern.<br><br>Wyverns<br><br>A Castle Lord can climb to the top of his or her castle, to take to the skies on the back of a mighty Wyvern. When the castle lord speaks to the Wyvern Manager, the Strider takes flight and transforms into a Wyvern. Like Hatchlings and Striders, the Wyvern must be fed and cared for.<br><br>Not only can Castle Lords quickly glide through the sky, they can command their winged ally to release a breath of fire against their foes on the ground below, turning the tide of any battle.<br><br>For more information on Lineage II, its castle sieges and other innovative features, please visit http://eu.lineage2.com/</em></blockquote>
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