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Vanguard: Interview @ Vanguard Spheres

by Inauro, 2006-09-06 22:54:00
Vanguard Spheres <a href="http://www.vanguardspheres.com/forums/interviews/6621-all-world-stage.html#post14596" target="_blank">talks with</a> Todd Thomas, one of the Game Masters working on <a href="http://vanguardsagaofheroes.com/" target="_blank">Vanguard: Saga of Heroes</a>, about his role in this upcoming MMORPG.<blockquote><em><B>Q: Tage, how long have you been in gaming Customer Service?</B><br><br>I started only a few years ago, but Ia "!ve got a lot of CS background in other lines of business and Ia "!ve been gaming since a well, a really long time ago.<br><br><B>Q: What is it that you like about your job, in particular?</B><br><br>The interviews? Actually, Ia "!m always excited by the potential of whata "!s yet to come. I see so much room for evolution in MMOs, how they appeal to players and how they are presented and how I could fit into and even push that evolution that every day is exciting. It also helps that Sigil seems to be looking forward to the same things I am.<br><br>Day to day, I really enjoy working on what wea "!re calling a Sdynamic eventsa ?, which are the standard a SGM eventa ? from other MMOs, but hopefully improved and evolved to a a S3rd gena ? level. Ia "!d like to think that I can learn from my background and even from what Ia "!ve heard about from others to make each a Sdynamica ? progress beyond the last. I want to see Vanguard dynamic events blow people away and break the barriers of what people think is possible with GM-run and a  acted events.</em></blockquote><a href="http://www.vanguardspheres.com/forums/interviews/6621-all-world-stage.html#post14596" target="_blank">More...</a>
Source: Vanguard Spheres

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