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Ultima VII Part I - Gaming Made Me @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2011-11-15 10:39:56

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Adam Smith writes about the game that made him a "gamer" - Ultima VII:

More than anything, Ultima VII was the game that first made me realise I preferred worlds that moved around me rather than worlds that I simply moved through. The way that worlds come alive for me can be in the history-changing sweep of a grand strategy game or something as simple as the addition of day-night cycles. It can be an attempt to simulate an ecosystem or something as simple as enemies actually dropping the equipment I can see they were carrying seconds before they crumpled to the ground. It all adds to the sense of existing in a world, which adds to my enjoyment of creating narrative in that world. And Ultima VII was one of the places that form of creativity first sparked for me.

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Ultima VII Part I

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