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Driftmoon - Explosions

by Skavenhorde, 2011-11-18 10:15:42

There is a new video for Driftmoon showcasing two new recipes for craftable items (DIY ticker and mana mines) as well as a new monster called Spikey. In Driftmoon you need recipes to create items. There is both alchemy and smithing in the game. I like the little wooden walking bomb. It reminds me a little of the automatons you could create in Arcanum. Here's a snippet and the video:

The first recipe is "My First Ticker Kit". I liked the Ticker monsters so much, that I made it possible for the player to build his/her own Tickers. Once dropped, the Ticker will seek out the nearest enemy and blow up, very useful when you're expecting a fistful of baddies around the next corner.


The second one is the "Mana Mine" recipe. It's a mine that you can deploy anywhere, and lure your enemies into it. Since it's a mine made out of a volatile mana potion, it will also fully recharge the mana of all who get caught in the explosion - including you. That means it's possible to whip up some pretty unorthodox strategies with the Mana Mine.


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