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Dungeon Siege 3 - Treasures of the Sun Reviews

by Dhruin, 2011-11-18 11:12:34

Here are a couple of Treasures of the Sun reviews courtesy of the Obsidian site. First, WeGotThisCovered with a score of 4/5:

In addition to creating a lengthy and interesting new quest line with Treasures of the Sun, Obsidian Entertainment went an extra couple of miles in an attempt to flesh out their fantasy experience. First off, the game’s level cap was raised from thirty to thirty-five, adding more reason to battle every ferocious beast in sight. Secondly, new blessing-based abilities were added alongside some disturbing and deadly new creature types. Players can also transmute special gems into weapons, in order to make them elementally proficient. While all of this extra stuff is a hit, there’s one more change that may become a favourite of Dungeon Siege III veterans. For the first time, character skills can be reset and re-done. If you feel that your warrior is lacking in a certain category, then that can easily be fixed. It’ll cost a lot of money for your follower’s stats to be re-done, however. That is unless they’re player-controlled in up to four-player cooperative fashion.

...and another called SavingContent, also at 80%:

This extension to Dungeon Siege III does not have a direct relation to the main story and so going into it early or late will not have an overall impact on outcomes. There’s a bit of a disconnect playing the story here as there isn’t much overlap as there’s a separate threat to eliminate here. As indicated by the title and the screenshot – the new locale that varies wildly from the main game is set in the Aranoi Desert. It’s full of sweeping sands and the hot, desert sun beating down on you and your companion. Environments differ in each area you enter by adjusting the time of day giving a different type of feel to the same area.

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