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KoA: Reckoning - Answers from the Team

by Dhruin, 2011-11-26 00:24:05

The latest Reckoning Answers from the Team is up on their forums:

Hey guys, I have a question about weapons in Reckoning. Will weapons degrade over time, and need repair? If so, how quickly do they degrade, and what system is used to repair them (Blacksmithing, perhaps)? Also, will unique items degrade? Will we lose the use of our loot if we choose not to invest in the Blacksmithing tree? Thanks! – By Baseblgabe

A: Your favorite new piece of gear won't completely break or vanish, but all weapons and armor will eventually require repairs to stay effective - including unique and player crafted ones. And while they do degrade, you'll be able to get through several quest or dungeons before your new sword needs to be sharpened. To repair them you have two options – use repair kits or speak to a NPC. Anyone can use a repair kit regardless of their skill choices, but if you choose to invest in Blacksmithing, each kit you use will restore a higher amount of the equipments max durability. The NPC blacksmiths can be found throughout the world, and will gladly fix your gear in exchange for some of your gold! – By Andrew "Andre" Frederiksen, Producer

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