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Legend of Grimrock - An Indie to Watch @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2011-12-01 20:25:16

Five Indie Games to Watch For is the awkward title of an article at GameSpy that includes Legend of Grimrock as one of their indies to watch. They don't have much to say but it's nice to see it included:

Your band of adventurers starts off imprisoned in the deep labyrinth beneath the nefarious Mt. Grimrock, and the step-by-step trek to escape through winding corridors and deadly chambers pits you against all manner of traps and evil beasties alike. Each of your four party members can be customized with combinations of different classes and races. Feel like making a minotaur wizard or a lizardman thief? You can totally do that. Gear you've picked up can be dragged and drop between characters' inventories, and there's an abundance of weapons and secret goodies to uncover. Throw in a ton of monsters to slay, loot to score, and a cool rune-based spell system, and it's dungeon thrashing time. Here's to what's shaping up to be a slick revival of an oft-neglected gaming genre.

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