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M&M: Heroes VI - Revew @ ActionTrip

by Dhruin, 2011-12-10 22:06:12

ActionTrip takes a look at Might & Magic: Heroes VI, resulting in a score of 7.6/10. On the overarching issue:

And now we come to the clincher. Playing this game for a few days felt really fun and challenging. It felt like getting back to that very same classic -- HoMM 3 -- a game that withstood the test of time thanks to its incredibly addictive gameplay. As I jumped deeper into the core of the game, my motivation to play on declined with every passing hour and pretty soon, good old boredom started to creep in (wtf?). Pinpointing the reason wasn't easy at first. After a while, I discovered the root of the problem. This game wasn't King's Bounty. To enthusiastic turn-based strategy fans, the difference between King's Bounty and Heroes of Might & Magic should be evident. At times, it almost felt like I was playing a King's Bounty rip-off. That can't be right? Can it? King's Bounty was inspired by the Heroes franchise, not the other way around. The source of this dilemma lies in the fact that Katauri Interactive (the developer of KB) effectively brought the Heroes formula to a higher level, offering more gameplay variety, more choices, more challenges. In Heroes VI, things tend to get stale very fast, despite the fact that the heart of the franchise is present in the ever-popular turn-based combat mechanics. Somehow, with King's Bounty, the genre felt like it evolved somewhat and with this game it feels like it's stagnating.

Source: Blues News

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