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Dungeons of Dredmor - 1.08 Patch Released, Expansion "done"

by Dhruin, 2011-12-13 22:48:29

The 1.08 update for Dredmor has been released, adding a female hero among other improvements and fixes - head to the official blog for the full patch notes.

Word from the same post is that the expansion pack is ready but they are waiting for a release date from Valve, so stay tuned. Apparently some websites have confused the 1.08 patch with the expansion but they are, of course, different things.

A short sample from the current patch:

- A female hero has been added to the game.
- Added Modding Support! (Use at your own risk.)
- Added No Time To Grind mode: shorter dungeon levels, more monster XP.
- All skill trees now have a minimum of 5 skills.
- Added support for polymorphing. (More of this in the DLC.)
- Wand tree has been completely revised. Wands now use traditional charges, and the wand lore tree now contains Wandcrafting instead.
- Added n-dimensional lathe to craft wands.
- Added new crafting interface; we stole the old one from Minecraft, we stole the new one from Terraria.
- Added belt, glove, and pant slots. Added belts, gloves, and pants (10 of each)
- Added some more items.
- Added anti-magic field sprayers and anti-magic effects.
- Added monster taxonomy flags.

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