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Risen 2 - Factions Video

by Dhruin, 2011-12-21 23:21:23

A second "Making Of" trailer has been released for Risen 2, discussing the development of the factions. Watch the video at Gametrailers an here is the accompanying press release they sent to us:


New Episode Of The Making of RisenTM 2: Dark Waters Sets Sail
Factions detailed in the second episode of The Making of RisenTM 2: Dark Waters
21st December 2011 - Hampshire, UK/... Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes today released the second episode of the six part making-of series that will become available over the course of the next months.

This time, the developers from Piranha Bytes talk about the different factions in Risen 2: Dark Waters:

- the Inquisition and what the disappearance of magic from the world has meant for them
- the Natives in their natural habitat, the jungle, and their suppression as slaves in this world
- the Pirates who play a central role in the story of Risen 2
- and finally, the Gnomes and their enhanced role in Risen 2, their culture of collecting all things which aren't nailed down and a special mention of the gnome Jaffar who will help the player through his quest.


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