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Blood Rune - New Indie RPG in Development

by Gorath, 2012-01-06 12:52:49

Pete King from Third Impression let us know he is working on a new Indie RPG called Blood Rune. See below for the PR. A temporary website can be found behind this link.

Blood Rune is a party based role-playing game where the player initially
creates one hero, then soon after three more and is joined later by up two
companions during the adventure. The role-playing system itself is
name-based, where a character's name part determines his or her fate, and
the system utilises multiple character classes and skills. There are five
spell casting classes and all of which are available from the start,
including the Necromancer.

Blood Rune is part played in a first person, step by step exploration
environment -which supports indoor and outdoor adventuring - and part
played in an isometric 'blow by blow' tactical battle engine that supports
large scale fights with dozens of combatants with ease. There are 400+
items in the game so far and 25 item types. Loot is distributed randomly
through the game.

The player must worry about hunger and thirst while in the wilderness and
light underground. The party must have a quill, sufficient ink and enough
parchment for automatic mapping of areas to occur. Wounds inflicted in
battle can bleed, so injuries need not kill immediately to be effective.
Spells range from creature summons, like Giant Scorpions, to spells of the
mind like the Deathbolt, to spells which knock down walls like Shatter, to
massive terrain spells like Hostile Waters which flood whole areas and
make them very dangerous to any creature that cannot fly.

The story to the game involves forging allegiances amongst vastly
different peoples against a rising tide of doom and even time travel as
the heroes take on an enemy that will sweep all people aside and end the

Development is on going and the expected release date is 2012. The
platform for the game is Windows XP upwards through to Windows 7.

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Blood Rune

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