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Legend of Grimrock - Preview @ GameSpy

by Aries100, 2012-01-08 17:00:40

Gamespy has a preview for this goodlooking indie-game.   As usual, a quote:

Despite the appearance of turn-based exploration, the game's action played out in real-time causing the combat to have a very urgent feel to it. Though a drastic change of pace from the classic dungeon crawlers of old, this injected a sense of danger into the mix that was a welcome update on the formula. There was no time for deep thought or complex strategizing when monster's were near, and I had to remain poised to strike at a moment's notice. This produced some harrowing encounters when gaggles of giant carnivorous snails, undead armored spearmen, and other unsavory creatures showed up for dinner.

In other Grimrock news there's a new development update from the Almost Human team.
It is to long to post in its entirery, so here's a snip:

- tweaked item skill requirements
- adjusted monster difficulty
- fixed crab turn right animation clipping through doors
- Uggradian strafe and walk back animations (not plugged in yet)
- added bigger variation to the attack speeds of weapons
- weapon damage balancing
- item tool tips now show weapon’s speed rating
- balanced skills
- new fighter skill: athletics
- removed daggers from fighter skills
- replaced herders in level 7 with slimes
- item and monster placements tweaked
- added script for analyzing weapon DPS
- balanced some weapon attack powers and speeds
- ogre two-handed attack animation (not plugged in yet)
- elemental damage bonuses are now formatted as percentages in the ui
- improved auto pickup so that each hand remembers the type of item it had
- improved audio, animation and timing of XXX
- resting is no longer interrupted by damage from poisoning
- added a short delay after going to sleep before health & mana regeneration starts
- tweaked XXX’s interval and duration
- improved readability of some in-game texts by adding shadow under them
- improved texts in level 11- fixed z-fighting of floor dirts

Source: GameBanshee

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