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Larian Studios - The Revenues of a Game

by Myrthos, 2012-01-13 09:46:20

Lar has made another update to his blog where he briefly explains the revenues of a game with the promise to explain more about this at a later stage.

On a 39,95 game in Germany, this is a typical breakdown found in royalty reports (numbers rounded)
  • The state (VAT 19%): -7,5€
  • Retail: -10€
  • Inflated publisher costs: -5€ (Logistics, sales and payment conditions)
  • Cost of goods: -1,5€
  • Net revenue: 15,95€
So if you sell 100K units in Germany, your net revenue in theory is about 1,6M€. For the record, most games do not sell 100K units in Germany.

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