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Legend of Grimrock - GUI Overhaul

by Dhruin, 2012-01-13 21:42:29

Almost Human writes about changes to the GUI for Legend of Grimrock in their latest blog post. Head over for the full text and a couple of screens:

On the graphical side, the GUI is now unified to match all the other panels to get a proper consistency throughout the game. The GUI scales according to the resolution and stays proportionally the same size whatever the resolution is. The fonts used in the GUI (and anywhere in the game btw) are now actual true type fonts that stay sharp in any resolution. Functionality of the attack panels was changed to act more like basic inventory slots. Player can now put any item in each hand and attack or use them by clicking right mouse button. So now all the item slots in the game have a similar logic for left mouse click to pick item up and right mouse click to use item. On the inventory, when hovering mouse cursor over an item, a tool tip pops up. Same logic goes with all the items like basic scrolls and magic “recipe” scrolls. For the really old school players and for those who want an option to navigate the dungeons, we added the option to use the traditional direction arrows. And yes, those status bars are still work-in-progress.

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